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Updated 6/8/18

The New York State Amateur Hockey Association has several awards that are given each year. Below we have descriptions and past award winners from the inception of the awards. Several awards are selected from nominations received and others are selected from applications (scholarships).

Peter Rush Award - This award is presented annually  since 1989 to a person who has displayed a selfless long-term dedication and commitment to the growth of youth hockey. The recipient must be from the Section in which the Annual Meeting of the membership is held. For more history and the past winners follow link below.

Tom Korpolinski Award - This award is presented annually since 2000 to an individual who has served at the “grass roots” level within the District and exudes the qualities and level of commitment to the sport that Tom so humbly possessed. For more history and the past winners follow link below.  

Bob Allen Scholarships - Each year at the Annual Meeting of the New York State Amateur Hockey Association, the Bob Allen Scholarship is awarded to four High School or Prep School Seniors going on to college. NYSAHA has presented the scholarships in Bob's name since 2000. The scholarships are awarded based on the individuals participation at school, with their community, and involvement in youth sports. Each Scholarship is for $2000 effective 2017, and is given directly to the winners upon verification of enrollment at college. Applications can be found on the Education tab under scholarships. 

Paul Furman State Tournament Award - NYSAHA is privileged to honor Paul Furman with the State Championship Trophy to be awarded to the winner at each competitive level. For more information on the award follow the linkn below. We have also posted the State Champions from 1979 to 2015.

Sandy Irwin Volunteer of the Year Award - Sandy Irwin exemplified the definition, spirit, and intent of the word "volunteer". Throughout her involvement in hockey from the local to the State level she constantly performed acts of kindness, freely giving of her talent, time and effort for the simple pleaseure of serving others and making the game better. Sandy did so with complete humility, passion, and compassion. This award will be given  yearly to a member of the NYSAHA that strives to demonstrate the same qualities and personal characteristics that Sandy possessed. The award was presented to Sandy's family in 2011 in her honor. For award winners follow the link below.