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Screening/SafeSport Policy

Screening - SafeSport Policy 2017/18

NYSAHA Screening - SafeSport Policy 2017-18


The New York State Amateur Hockey Association, in compliance with the USA Hockey Affiliate Agreement, employs a policy to screen coaches, on-ice officials and volunteers who have regular, routine or frequent access to minor-age players, whether girls or boys, under the age of 18. This excludes players who are over 18 playing on teams containing under 18 year old players, i.e. 19 & Under Women’s teams. 


The completion of the USOC SafeSport training program that is specific to USA Hockey is also required of these positions. Screening and SafeSport verifications are valid for two seasons. 


It is mandatory that that screening and SafeSport qualifications be completed prior to participation within a NYSAHA association. The completion of these requirements will be reflected in all USA Hockey registration materials.


Association Presidents are required to submit the combined 2017-2018 Screening /SafeSport Certification Forms by October 15th, 2017.  

The screening information below has been updated for the 2017-2018 season:

2017-2018 Association Screening check list.

2017-2018 NYSAHA Screening instructions.

2017-2018 Association Screening/SafeSport Certification Form.

Valid list of 2017-2018 Volunteers (coaches and officials) Screened, updated periodically throughout the season.

Valid list of 2017-2018 Volunteers (coaches and Officials) SafeSport trained and USA Screening verification.  This list is updated periodically.


Retired Confirmation Numbers File. The Retired Confirmation Numbers File is a listing of people and confirmation numbers from 2015/16 that have expired. This file is listed in Confirmation Number order so that Associations can check that volunteers are not using outdated numbers.


Screening Direct Link updated 6/19/17 >>>