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NY Development Model Coach Support Program

NYSAHA Association Hockey Director Program

NYSAHA is in the process of updating the ACE Program to a more encompassing Association Hockey Director Program will continue to provide a vital communication link between your local association and USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program as well as provide ongoing support for the local association’s coaches. The local association’s Hockey Director will be responsible in developing a well-trained coaching staff, help your coaches manage their CEP requirements, and promote and facilitate NY Development Model which includes the principles of ADM as part of the coaching model.

Additional Resources

NY Hockey Directors,

Your active participation is critical for the success of the growth of the game in the US.  The NY Association Hockey Director Program is focused on the greatest development of players through the optimal training of coaches. The goal is to provide each player with the learning environment for each player to reach their maximum potential while experiencing the full enjoyment of the game.
Below is information and resources that will be helpful.

This  is a book with various small area games to help coaches teach concepts in a fun, creative, and condensed competitive environment.  The book contains 38 small area games in 6 different categories.

A second book is focused on the teaching concepts of the game through small area games and can be found here;

I have had a number of questions about having older players "help out" coaching during practices with younger teams. Each association ACE Director should deliver the 37 slide power point presentation to student coaches and complete the form. The student coaching program is only available to USA Hockey registered players age 13-17. Once that player turns 18 they must comply with all USA Hockey screening and training regulations. The following link offers more details and the links to the power point and form.
They are done for the season but future clinics can be found at
There is still plenty of time for coaches to complete the appropriate age specific online module before Dec 31st, but with the holidays upon us and tournaments increasing in frequency, it is only going to become more difficult to complete. Make sure your coaches get to this 8-12 hour commitment sooner than later.  If coaches started their module, they can finish them by January 31st with an additional payment.  The coach can not coach until finished.
The SafeSport online module must also be completed before Dec 31st. It is free, takes about 90 minutes to complete, and helps ensure a socially, mental, emotional, and physical safe environment for our athletes.

Mark Hogan

District Association Hockey Director Coordinator

Phone: (585) 576-7035

Ray Farrell

East Section Association Hockey Director Coordinator

Phone: (917)232-9752

Jay Perras

North Section Association Hockey Director Coordinator

Phone: (315)408-4027

Ben Delucia

Central Section Association Hockey Director Coordinator

Phone: (917) 584-3778

Jeff Curry

West Section Association Hockey Director Coordinator

Phone: (585) 245-3358