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Boys Program


In the New York District, the Boys' Player Development Program offers a process unlike most players are used to competing in.  This highly selective, pyramid style process attempts to identify those players who possess the individual skill to compete at an international level of play.  The NY District staff looks for those players showing the ability to perform at a consistently high level during short-term events such as international festivals, national festivals and development camps.

From the regional try-outs through the district selection camp, players are continually evaluated in this program. We do not look at the success or failure of the team(s) they play on during the season - this is totally inconsequential.  If a player does not advance beyond a regional or district tryout, it was because his performance at that try-out was not at a level of other players attending the same tryout.  This is not a team selection process, but an advancement of players based on individual performance.  The staff strives to establish a level ground on which to evaluate players, and common regional tryouts or sectional evaluations are two of the processes that are used to select players to participate in or advance from any tryout.   There are four age level classifications that are subsequently grouped into two age categories administratively.  Those age groups are 14's, 15's, 16's and 17's.  

For 14/15s, the New York District has a relatively “open door” policy which enables many players the ability to experience this selective pyramid style process, entering a larger more competitive pool at every stage. Players MUST pre-apply by the listed deadline date for these regional try-outs to assure a tryout spot. Please note, if a player applies or registers after the showed deadline date it is then up to the discretion of the regional coordinator whether to allow their participation in this tryout-based on numbers. It’s very important to make note of this fact. The tryouts are held in the four geographic sections of the NYSAHA, there are limited allocations that are awarded by the District Coordinator at each position and an order of merit list (with alternates) is established at the end of the try-out. 

Selected players from the “14” regional tryouts participate in an In-District Player Development Camp in the early summer.  This is a weeklong development camp where 80 players from our district come together to practice, compete, and experience a camp implementing American Development Model principles.  The in-district camp is modeled after the National Festivals held by USA Hockey at the older ages.  Currently the camp is centrally located on the beautiful campus of SUNY Oswego. Note: - Cost for this camp to selected players will be determined once projected facility costs are finalized.

From the “15” regional tryout, selected players are then invited to the district selection camp in Syracuse, NY. The District Player Development Coordinator maintains a certain number of at-large selections for distribution based on player performances. The USA Hockey/NYSAHA policy has been and will remain that players must try-out in the geographic zone/section where they reside without exception.  There are several factors that have determined this policy.  NYSAHA acknowledges that conflicts do occur from time to time, but the policy has remained and will remain constant. Note - cost for the players selected to the May state camp in Syracuse will be determined once the projected facility expenses are finalized.

Note: 15 players MUST pre-apply by the listed deadline date for these regional try-outs to assure a tryout spot. Please note, if a player applies or registers after the showed deadline date it is then up to the discretion of the regional coordinator whether to allow their participation in this tryout-based on numbers. Very important to make note of this fact.

At the 16/17 levels, on a yearly basis, players whose permanent residence is New York need to apply to be considered for an invitation for the District Evaluation Camp.  Invitations will be sent to  applied players based on player evaluations provided by the Player Development Council which consists of a wide range of coaches and evaluators that watch players throughout the year.   Based on the Player Development Council member's ratings, the 16/17 coordinator establishes an invite list reviewed by the Player Development Committee.  

The NY District 16 Evaluation Camp typically has 76 players (44 forwards/24 defenseman and 8 goalies) while the 17 Evaluation camp has 40 players (24 forwards/12 defensemen/4 goalies). 

Note that the number of national allocations is generally less at these levels than at the 15 levels thus making the selection process more competitive.  Players should also realize that the range of Players applying and selected for these camps include players playing at levels 15, 16 & 18 midget, high school, prep school and junior programs both in the US and Canada.

Once an invited player arrives at the district tryout, the evaluation process is continued and once again these players must show they can continue to perform during a short-term event at a consistently high level.  The National Office dictates to the District Coordinator what the allocations are at each age level for advancement to the National Player Development Camp(s).

NYS District Tryout RESULTS 2022

See tabs below for our NY District 15,16 & 17 Old Festival Tryout Results.

Player development staff

Listed below are the contacts in New York State for the Boy's Player Development Program.

Steve Cibelli

NYS 14/15 Coordinator

Phone: (315) 383-1057

Mark Hogan

NYS 16/17 Coordinator

Phone: (585) 576-7035

Ryan Gage

West Section 14/15 Player Development Coordinator

Joseph Marszalek

West Section 14/15 Player Development Coordinator

Steve Mallaro

North Section 14/15 Coordinator

Scott Montagna

Central Section 14/15 Coordinator

Don White

East Section 14/15 Player Development Coordinator