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NYS/USAH Guide Book

New York State Amateur Hockey Guide Book

Updated 2/5/19

The New York State Amateur Hockey Association Guide Book has three main sections. The sections include the Board of Directors, Bylaws, and Regulations. Follow the link below to download our 2018-19 Annual Guide. E 

The Official Guide Book for New York State is the version posted to this website. As the hard copies are only printed annually they can't be updated as quickly or often as this web page. The printed hard copy and CD's are distributed at each Section meeting. Use the web version for official rulings and decisions. Updates to the book will be listed below as they are identified.

1/10/19 Update - The changes made were: (i) to the Appeal Letter Forms, which contain new language concerning Statements of Appeal that were approved at the January Board meeting; and (ii) to the helmet rule, at Rule 7.A, 7.A(i) and 7.F, adding in instructors and clinics, which language was approved by the Board at its November meeting.  The changes are highlighted in the Guide Book.

2/5/19 Update - email changes only.

Each year, USA Hockey publishes its annual guide, which details the organization's administrative structure, programs and philosophy, bylaws, rules and regulations and much more. You can read the 2018/2019 guide right here online, simply download below.  

USA Hockey updates the Playing Rule Book every four years. Download a copy of the playing rules below.