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Open Competition

09/01/2015, 11:00pm EDT
By J. Cavaretta


At the end of this E-mail is the section on Open Competition from our 2014-2015 NYSAHAL Annual Guide Rules and Regulations. It is on page 89 of the online version and page 95 of the printed version. No Association or League can prevent teams from playing or "black balling" those teams. In addition your teams can only play those teams or in tournaments that are USA Hockey, Hockey Canada or IIHF sanctioned.


In order to verify if the team is sanctioned you have them provide you with a copy of their approved roster from their Federation. The same goes for a tournament; ask for a copy of their approval or sanctioning. Also teams must play by USA Hockey rules for games in the United States. A few examples but not all of them are... Cross-Ice at 8 and below; non checking at Pee Wee and below, no tag-up, USA Hockey Officials must be used and correct score sheets.


Any question please contact me.




David M. Braunstein
West Section President NYSAHA
Adult Council USA Hockey




No Association can prohibit play, without due cause, between its teams and USA Hockey registered teams of equal classification. Such due cause must be made a matter of record and presented to the Section President for decision and action. Any Association that believes it is not allowed open competition can file a complaint with the Section President of the home Section of the Association that is banning such open competition. Such a complaint will be considered and resolved within 30 days of written complaint. Continued failure to comply with open competition may subject an Association to suspension from NYSAHA.

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