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Disabled Hockey

Disabled Hockey Workshop - October 3-5, 2014

For information follow the tab below.

Blind Hockey Summit - October 18-19, 2014 in New York

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Disabled Hockey Panel discussion

(L-R) Kristy Vaugh, Bryan Genovese, Josh Pauls, Bryan Bloomquist, Keith Theis, and Skip Theis. Discuss disabled hockey with members attending the NYSAHA Annual Meeting in Uniondale on May 31st. The panel shared stories and experiences with administrators from across the State.

Disabled Hockey Panel discussion at NYS Annual Meeting

Laurie Kennedy

Phone: (585) 766-2758

Updated 6/11/14

A message from Laurie,

I am your District Representative to the USA Hockey Disabled Section. I will serve as the first point of contact for all disabled related inquiries within the NY District. Please utilize me as your resource to improve disabled programming and introduce otherwise abled new players to the game of hockey. I may not be able to answer all your questions or needs but can find the person or persons who can!

Some things to keep in mind as the season starts:

1. Registration: Please be sure to register your disabled teams by discipline (Special, Sled, Amputee, Hearing Impaired). This can be done online. Please remind all of your disabled players and teams, but make sure they are aware of all District/Affiliate requirements in addition to those of USA Hockey.

2. USAH website: This is the main communication vehicle for all members, including disabled players. Please do submit any items of interest or information you wish to disburse to me and I will get it on the website.

I am looking forward to a pro-active role and would like to become familiar with the individuals and activities within NY, so p lease let me know if you would like me to attend any meetings to discuss the opportunities for those with disabilities to join the great game of hockey. I look forward to meeting you and your members.

All the Best,

Laurie Kennedy

Long Island RoughRiders

See the video below about the Long Island RoughRiders Sled Hockey. 

USA Hockey and Disabled Hockey

Below is a document explaining USA Hockey's Disabled Hockey program and the benefits of the programs.

Grants For New Disabled Hockey Programs!

NYSAHA will be providing grants to new disabled programs to help with challenges of starting new progams.  Grant applications can be downloaded in the link below. Please fill in the application completely and send to Laurie Kennedy.  Requests will be reviewed at the NYSAHA Board of Directors meeting following the submission date. The application is posted above.

General guidelines: 
Programs must be new (in first or second season). 
$1500 is the maximum grant. 
Must be accompanied by proof of non-profit status and a letter from your section VP stating your association is in good standing.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the application, please contact Laurie Kennedy.

Army Corps Civilian Builds Up Wounded Warriors With Sled Hockey Program

By JoAnne Castagna, Ed.D.

Last year, Mark McKenna, a project engineer with the Fort Drum Field Office of 
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District was working out at the gym at Fort Drum in Watertown, N.Y. 

"I was working out in the gym and a Soldier in a wheelchair came in and then 
turned around and left the gym. I asked the manager what do they do for the 
disabled, because they cannot reach the pull up bar nor the dumbbells. She told me that they had nothing organized for them."

McKenna felt that more could be done for these Wounded Warriors. He began to research what he could do.  Since he is a major hockey fan and has been a 
volunteer hockey coach for over 30 years, he came up with the idea of forming a sled hockey team at Fort Drum for these disabled Soldiers. He had learned 
through his research that sled hockey is an adaptive sport for the disabled to 
play ice hockey.

He and a team of volunteers quickly went to work to form a team, find equipment and train them up.

Recently, the "Mountain Sled Warriors (Wounded Warrior Unit - WTU)" held their first sled hockey tournament with great success. The donation-only fundraiser benefits Fort Drum's Warrior in Transition Unit at Fort Drum, sled teams from Albany, Syracuse, Ottawa and the U.S. Army's Wounded Warrior Project.

"These tournaments are a great way to help the Soldiers get back in touch with 
their community and for the community to thank them for their service for our 
country," said McKenna.

"During the tournament the Wounded Warriors forgot about their disability and 
learned a new sport or found out that they can still play hockey in a different 
way. Also they had fun doing some team building. They all had smiles on their 
faces; it was like they were kids again."

McKenna is supported by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Fort Drum Chapter, Canton Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 1231, the Knights of Columbus, as well as many businesses, universities and pro hockey stars that donated their money and equipment, such as sleds and specially designed hockey bags and jerseys.

The tournament took place at the SUNY Canton's Roos House rink. The WTU team was composed of 24 male and female Soldiers that played a round-robin tournament with other Wounded Warrior teams from Albany, N.Y. ("Capitol District Warriors"), Syracuse, N.Y. ("CNY Flyers") and Ottawa ("Ottawa Valley Falcons").

The games began with the national anthems for Canada and the U.S. and color 
guard marches from the VFW-Post 1231 and Clarkson University's Reserve Officer Training Corps. The games ended with a party and special dinner, raffle, silent auction and the awarding of medals and trophies.

The Wounded Warriors benefit from the tournament in multiple ways:

Strengthens Soldier bond

WTU team player Staff Sergeant, Matthew Butler said, "The best part of playing for me was seeing all the Soldiers having fun together and working as a team." Butler was injured while on an air assault mission in Iraq of 2007.

"The camaraderie between hockey fans and players is unlike any other sport.  
Playing with Wounded Warriors takes this one step further, we are brothers in 
arms and brothers on the ice," said Sergeant, Elijah Haslage, a WTU goalie.

Strengthens body

Haslage said, "I like this event because it gives those who love hockey but 
can't play anymore the chance to get back on the ice, no matter the disability."

"Sled hockey also brings a whole new challenge to the game of hockey for someone like me that has played hockey," said Butler. "Even though the rules and fundamentals are the same, being in a sled gives that feeling of learning and being challenged as though you have never played hockey before.  In other words, I found myself learning a whole new skill set but still playing the game I love, hockey!"

WTU team player Staff Sergeant, Wautash Grillett said, "It was exhilarating to 
be that combative in a sporting event from feeling as frail as I had been since 
being injured." Grillett spent nine and half months at Walter Reed Army Medical 
Center after a leg injury in Afghanistan.

Builds Confidence

Wautash said, "It gives individuals the ability to be part of a full contact 
sport that builds their self confidence and provides them a sense of 
accomplishment in the game. It's truly a no loser sport."

Provides a distraction

"I think it is a good distraction for a lot of Warriors that have a lot on their 
plates; they have the looming transition out of the Army, painful conditions, 
and numerous doctors' appointments.  It is good to forget for the few hours you 
are on the ice," said Haslage.

Butler said, "Soldiers who at one time were training to kick in doors and then 
deployed and had to face the reality behind those doors to protect and serve a 
country they love, are now returning with limitations.  Anything that makes them forget about those limitations for a few moments and builds cohesion as a team once again with a common goal or interest (and love every minute of it) is what these Soldiers need!"

Butler continued, "It truly is a blessing to know that the "North Country" of 
upstate, New York not only cares about our Soldiers, as we have always known, but really goes out of their way to make a difference in these Soldiers lives at such a crucial time for many."

McKenna said, "The event would not have been possible without the overwhelming support and generous donations from the entire community. Donations from this recent tournament will help us purchase new equipment including 30 sleds."

McKenna added, "These tournaments have shown me that Wounded Warriors can do anything they put their minds to. They just need an opportunity. These guys and gals put their lives on the line for us. The Army Corps builds buildings and facilities for them. This event brings us together."


Follow the link to see a great piece on a sled hockey clinic for Veterans: LINK